Visually impaired people often have difficulty accessing information, Particularly in the form of an image file jpg pdf documents or receipt, label of drug, purchases etc, Just the visually impaired snapshot then uploaded to facebook group "Read This To Me", Those who volunteer to write descriptions posted back to them immediately, Visually impaired use equipment compatible with screen readers (PC Notebook or Mobile devices), Visually impaired will use these devices to read aloud

This group have volunteers is eyes for the blind (Visually impaired people use Facebook fluently)
P.S. We need many volunteers (Like our page please...)

Deals and Partnerships.
1. Politely talk And thanks for always helping each other.
2. In order to post for help, wrote asking for help writing. (If not specified, will respond to a text message) or to request a file to other formats such as doc mp4 text in the message box.
3. If the post a negative or disrespectful (incidentally you do not know) Me gave permission to copy text to get help then send to message box, And then delete the message sent in the post.
4. Highlight a request to read it, Even our volunteers are generous, But volunteers are the limited.